Universal executive graduates nationally-recognized veteran's procurement program.
 I would like to express my appreciation to Universal's convoy PSD team.... This team was right where it needed to be, when it needed to be there and with the right equipment to get it done. 

Protection Services

At Universal Security, we realize that prevention of crime can be accomplished by utilizing strategic and tactical approaches. Hence, our security professionals are trained to be vigilant and to identify any and all potential security threats, including acts of terrorism, crime, loitering or vandalism.

Our uniformed security guards serve as criminal deterrents by adopting the principals of the Community Police Officer Program (CPOP) methodology. Simply put, our guards are an approachable source of information to patrons, employees and residents while exhibiting a presence that promote the creation of a safe and secure environment.

Domestic Security

Armed/Unarmed Guards
Armed Transport Service
BDU Bodyguard Service
Bodyguard Services
Residential Patrol
Mobile Security
K-9 Security
Bike Patrol
Security Abroad

Armed/Unarmed Guards
Armed Transport
Residential Protection Details
Corporate Protection Details
Convoy Security
Our armed and unarmed security guards secure the following facilities:

Government Agencies (Federal, State & Local)
Religious/Faith-Based Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Residential Properties
Professional Buildings
Hotel & Lodging Facilities
Retail/Shopping Outlets
Parking Facilities