Universal executive graduates nationally-recognized veteran's procurement program.
 I would like to express my appreciation to Universal's convoy PSD team.... This team was right where it needed to be, when it needed to be there and with the right equipment to get it done. 

Security Abroad

Universal Security has a solid track record for providing protection and logistics services in foreign markets. We provide U.S. government agencies, and private organizations (U.S. and foreign) with the following services:

Personal Security Detail (PSD)
Protection for executives and key personnel, and training for client PSD personnel.

Close Personal Protection (CPP/Bodyguard Services)
Universal provides CPP to all ranks from high-level executives to key personnel and trains CPP personnel for government agencies and private corporations.

Convoy Security Detail
We provide both high and low-profile PSD/Convoy Security Detail operations for supply convoys of all sizes, from local,single truck deliveries to regional, large scale, long distance convoys.

Life Support
Resident set up, security detail and sustainment services for expatriates and local nationals.

Static Security for Fixed Assets
Universal protects infrastructure facilities, such as warehouses, supply depots, fixed equipment sites, hotels and resident villas for expatriates and U.S. government officials.

Security Training
Universal conducts basic and sustainment training for guard forces, which includes weapons training, guard procedures, communications, reporting, and first aid.

Logistics Support
International customs services; client asset management; and secure transport services.

Travel Advisories & Security

Travel Warnings
Crime Reports
Extremist Groups Reports
Unusual Currency
Entry Requirements
Consulate Information
Reports on Areas of Instability
Infectious Disease Information