Universal executive graduates nationally-recognized veteran's procurement program.
 I would like to express my appreciation to Universal's convoy PSD team.... This team was right where it needed to be, when it needed to be there and with the right equipment to get it done. 

Executive Protection

Universal Security provides the ultimate protection to individuals and groups that require close and personal security services. In so doing, we maintain a team of highly trained armed and unarmed bodyguards, drivers, and plain-clothes security personnel.

Because many of our bodyguards have military backgrounds, they can identify potential threats before they occur. They are also accustomed to working in hostile environments, and are skilled at thwarting activities that may threaten a client's personal safety.

Our armed guards are licensed and receive in-service firearms training throughout their career. In addition, our chauffeurs and personal drivers are trained in both offensive and defensive driving, and adhere to strict security and transport guidelines.

Our approach to implementing an effective executive protection plan, includes:

Debriefing client to determine security concerns, risks and potential threats;
Assessing client's daily routines/schedules to determine vulnerabilities;
Developing a customized personal security and safety plan based on client needs;
Coordinating with federal, state and local law enforcement authorities as needed; and
Deploying a diversely skilled and adequately sized guard team determined by the potential threat level and protection requirements.

Please contact us for more information about Universal's Executive Protection services.