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Risk Assessment

Determining an organization's security risks and vulnerabilities is an important first step in developing an effective protection plan. Universal Security understands this and employs a comprehensive and drill down approach to identifying potential security and safety threats.

In assessing security risk at your facility, our process would include:

Security Assessment: A full examination of your organization's existing security procedures and process;
Debriefing: Interviews with key security personnel and management;
Site Evaluation: An full inspection of your facility, including security posts, public and private entrances, surveillance and monitoring equipment;
Analysis & Reporting: A written Threat Analysis outlining Universal's findings highlighting potential security threats, vulnerabilities and safety concerns; and
Recommendations: A written report outlining remedies to address existing security vulnerabilities and safety issues.

The following Risk Assessment services are provided individually:

Security Site Evaluation & Surveillance Equipment Inspection
Security Policy and Procedures Review
Security Manual Review and Preparation
Management and Employee Safety
Security Training
International Travel Security Consulting & Protection Services